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Ambassadors of alma mater. The lofty positions that our achievers hold in different realms stand testimony to our untiring march towards perfection.

We, as students who freshly enter school are like wet mud.. Ready to be moulded into any shape that you want us to take and the best part is that we give you all our trust. This is exactly what I experienced during my days in St. Mary's Convent. I gave in all my trust to all the amazing and able teachers here and this place gave me the best of knowledge and lessons for life, which groomed me into what I am today. Wherever you go and whatever ends you pursue, you must always fulfill the trust reposed in you by your nation, your parents and your alma mater. I hope I always do so and make this institution proud. Cheers to one and all who make it happen each day for every student!!!

The teacher is like a candle which lights others by consuming itself. St Mary's Convent School teaches its student to not only grow up as competent professionals but also good human beings with strong values .Being a BSL LLB graduate from Fergusson College, Pune and ultimately a Property Lawyer, I feel proud to be an alumni of this school and thank my teachers for the hard work and effort they had put in me as a team ; their sincerity , diligence and passion towards their work is highly commendable. I congratulate St.Mary's on setting high standards and making learning a joyful and enriching experience for the students .

(Prapti Chadha- Batch 2005)

I think the best memories an individual carries are from his childhood. It is the most precious time of your life. The knowledge and virtues you inculcate now carries with you throughout your life. I consider myself previleged to be a part of St. Mary's Convent School where I spent twelve precious years of my life. The school provided us with Good Infrastructure, disciplined system, quality education and caring teachers. All this helped me in performing well in Academics , extra curricular activities & sports, thereby creating a well rounded personality. I owe my achievements in life to my learnings in the school. I wish good luck to all the St. Marian's. Hope you all do well & excel in life.

(Chandra Mohan- Batch 2006) I.A.S.

How magical it is when the environment around you help you to determine your passion in life. This magic has happened to me and my environment was ST. MARY'S CONVENT SCHOOL. A high school where I learnt that - Discipline, might be difficult to follow but is everything around which life moves. Co-curricular activities, specially Dancing and sports and the amount of appreciation, admiration and support given by Teachers and Friends has been the basis of the realisation of my true goal in life. Discipline, Leadership and ability to perform were the chief values learnt by me. Leading Theatre Society in my college wasn't difficult as leadership skills were injected inside me in SMCS. Performing on large platforms never met with hesitations as it was like a habit. SMCS gave us schooling which made us preeminent, valiant, and virtuous. It will remain with me throughout my life.

(Satyam  Malik - Batch  2006)

Marian anthem
"let little children come to me; The kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."
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